Hello.  My name is Sean McGinly.  I'm a writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.  If by some chance you've arrived here and are looking for "Sean McGinley", the fine Irish actor, that is not me. There is no 'e' in my last name. I'm told that a great or great, great grandfather dropped the 'e' when he came to America because he thought it made him look less Irish.  If this is true he must have been really drunk. "McGinly" or "McGinley".  They look equally Irish to me.  

I am the Sean McGinly who wrote and directed the film, The Great Buck Howard (2009), which starred John Malkovich and Colin Hanks.  In addition to that film I directed a documentary called,Brothers: Stories of 9/11 (2006). More can be read about that project in the "My Brother" section of this website. I also wrote and directed a small independent film called 2 Days (2003), starring Paul Rudd.

This website is a place for me to go on about myself and to put up some essays I've written and anything else it occurs to me to throw up here.  I can be contacted at

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