Over the years, there has been work that I’ve done which hasn't yet come together or that wasn't really meant to go any further than the simple making of it.  The following is a list of projects I’ve put time and effort into.  Some are just goofy things I've done.  Others are quick descriptions of scripts or television pilots that I've taken seriously and care about a lot. In every case, if anyone finds anything here interesting I can be contacted at


Feature film script.  A washed up political consultant gets the chance to run a Senatorial campaign that changes his life.  The Verdict meets The Candidate.


Feature film script.  A small drama/thriller.  A young woman goes missing. An ex boyfriend of hers is suspected of being involved but he refuses to speak with police.  So, the missing woman's brother arranges to kidnap the ex boyfriend and find out what he knows by any means possible.  This sets off a tragic chain of events.


One hour TV drama script.  Set in Washington DC.  The main character is a dirty cop in a very corrupt police department.  He's turned state's evidence and is now having to make cases against everyone he's known and worked with for 20 years.  The only problem is no one knows this except him, even his family.  If he's found out he could be killed and it's killing him knowing he's eventually going to destroy the lives of all his closest friends and co-workers.


About ten years ago I co-wrote and directed a one man show with the actor and comedian, Mark Phinney.  The show had the above title and described Mark's station in life very well.  After that we wrote a half hour sitcom pilot.  Our model was Seinfeld, but with a twist.  On Seinfeld, Jerry was relatively normal and surrounded by 3 screw up friends.  On Fat, Broke and Horny, Mark Phinney plays a complete screw up who sells sausages outside of Fenway Park.  He's surrounded by 3 relatively normal friends and he's constantly messing up their lives.  It's a really funny pilot script that I think would make a great sitcom.


This is a one hour medical pilot that I wrote on spec and sold to Fox a few years ago. I think it came pretty close to getting picked up but didn't quite make it.  It's based on the great book by Atul Gawande. Unfortunately, there's a show on TNT now called Monday Mornings, which has a very similar concept.  Nevertheless, I think this is a good piece of TV writing.


This is a feature film script based on the great book by David McClintick. It's about a corporate power struggle that transpired between David Begelman, a fascinating character, and Alan Hirschfield - at Columbia Pictures in the 1970's.  It's a hard movie to get made but I think it's a really good script about the power of charm - style vs. substance.


This is a one hour TV drama script that I wrote for CBS a few years back.  It's about a guy who owns an auction house where literally, everything is for sale.  Years earlier, this gentleman had been a sperm donor and is now surprised when his 14 year old biological son shows up and wants to have a relationship with him. 


Feature film script.  A broad comedy I co-wrote with Heath Ryan about three girls who have grown up rich and spoiled in Malibu.  When their father is arrested and sent to prision, ala Bernie Madoff, they have to figure out how to fend for themselves.  Of course, they are utterly clueless. When Heath and I wrote this script one friend of ours asked, "What are two middle aged men doing writing a script like this?"  I don't know but we had a lot of fun doing it.


Feature film script.  An indie I co-wrote with Pat Gilfillan.  It's about a young guy who can't get over a break up.  He takes a trip to Las Vegas to find his father and bumps into a zany, aspiring stripper on the plane.


I simply could not resist posting this and it's here for no other reason than my own amusement and because I think it may amuse a few other people.  It’s a short film I made a long time ago as part of a directing class when I was student at USC.  It's silly. It’s poorly done. The lighting is awful.  The picture and sound quality are awful.  Something about it just tickles me though and I think the acting is quite good.  I’d misplaced this and thought it was gone forever but the wonderful actor, Tony Forkush, was kind enough to post a copy on his Youtube page.  Below is the link to it:


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